About our service "Asken"

Asken is a smartphone application and internet website developed exclusively by WIT to promote diet in good health.


Around 40,000 new members are joining each month, and with a total of over 1,000,000 members it is now one of Japan's leading health care services.


Asken's mission is to correct the mistaken approach to dieting that says that "in order to lose weight you just need to eat less" and the mistaken approach to health care that says "as long as you eat large amounts of particular foods you will stay healthy" and instill in people a healthy lifestyle based on nutritional science.


It incorporates the know-how and abundant dietary counseling experience of the more than 350 nationally certified senior dietitians working with Green House( the parent company of WIT).  


They help users change their behavior by giving them realistic advice and supporting dieting that doesn't put a strain on users' health.

And now, we are developing English version of Asken app.


About WIT Co., Ltd.

Corporate name   WIT Co., Ltd.


CEO                    Hiroshi Nakajima


Foundation          October 1, 2007 


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Parent Company  Green House Co., Ltd.


About Asken Inc.,

Corporate name   Asken Inc.


CEO                    Hiroshi Nakajima


COO                    Jiro Amatatsu


Foundation          September 1, 2016


Office                   1 City Boulevard West Suite 860

                           Orange, California 92868


TEL                    (877) 384-0025


Parent Company  WIT Co., Ltd.


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